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Products > Spray Gun>Special spray gun>New Type Water-in-Water Multi-Colour marble effect air spray gun MT827
Product name : New Type Water-in-Water Multi-Colour marble effect air spray gun MT827
Item : Special spray gun
Product Details:  Place of Origin Zhejiang, China (Mainland)
Model Number:MT-827
Type water-in-water multi-color spray gun
Power Source Pneumatic
Minimum Order Quantity:200pcs.
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    Product infomations :

 Water-in-water spraying,extended from the previous oil-in-water,water-in-oil spraying,


In the same system of two or more aqueous coatings coexist together,but imcompatible due to

the principle of the different surface tension caused by the presence of protective gel.


Multi-Color pattern system using various lance ions and various organic chemical cross-linking

in the polymer additives to form a gel, the gel is an elastomer which is soft and hard particles

adjustable, suitable for all patterns.


Advantage of water-in-water spraying


1.decorative effect and simulation of the surface made out of marble can do more than 95%

2.Low cost,a coating made out of the true stone cost only 10% of marble per square

3.enviromentally friendly,waterborne paint is no solvent release,won't pollute the enviroment

4 construction convenient,can be applied in the field.


Comparision of this gun with other guns
1.The nozzle, needle and liquid passage of it are made of 316 stainless steel ,it is very anti-corrosion, can spray a variety of corrosive paint.
2.Uniform fluid.
3.As manufactured by machine after birthed from the mold, it is of good quality.
4.Due to plating process, it has longer using life without oxidization.
 5.CNC finishing atomizing air cap.


All kinds of surface pattern coating,such as latex, metallic paint,  fluorocarbon coating,multi-color coating,true

stone coating,art paint,granite paint, Imitation stone paint 


Name Type of pressure Fluid nozzle orifice
Atomizing air pressure
Air consumption
Applied air cap
Colorful pattern spray gun Pressure 2.5 1.5 325 6 holes air cap
Operating instruction:

1. Air hose(read) and paint hose(white) connects the spray gun and paint pressure pot,quick coupler on the lid of pressure pot connect the air source(air compressor)


2. Put in the lid of pressure pot, take out the regulating valve knob. Rotate it clockwise, pressure in the pressure pot turn up. Rotate it anticlockwise, pressure in the pressure pot turn down. When adjust the pressure in the pressure pot to rated pressure, take in the knob for Self-lock. The pressure in the pressure pot rates at 1.5-2.5 bar normally. The pressure regulating valve only control the pressure for paint feed in the pressure pot. Exceeded high pressure will disrupt the

multi-color structure and increase the paint consumption.


3. There are 3 adjust knobs on the spray guns. The knob near air inlet is to adjust the air spraying volume of the spray gun. Too much air volume will disrupt the multi-color structure, and prevent to form the

big area dot shape pattern. Too less air volume will cause the uneven atomization, overspray the paint. The knob on the top of the spray gun can regulate the range of the pattern, the fineness of the multi-color pattern. The knob at the end of the spray gun can regulate the paint needle valve to control the paint delivery rate. During the application, shut down this knob to lock firstly then open the valve gradually (needle valve move backword) till proper position. In general, the more paint paint delivery rate the larger multi-color dot shape pattern. The more air volume,the smaller mult-color dot shape pattern,also saying-small dot spraying.


4. There is pressure leasing valve on the lid of pressure pot. When adding the paint, shut down the air inlet valve then open the leasing valve by pulling up the ring of the air leasing valve, exhausts the remain compressed air in the pressure pot, the indication on the air pressure regulation is zero.


5. Must clear the the spray gun and pressure pot carefully after the application. Keep the hoses being connected, add water in the pressure pot,keep spraying till no paint spray out. Before the storage, disassemble the connection hoses, open or lease the lid to avoid the overwear of the sealing parts.


Warning:The max pressure cant be exceeded 80Psi, if operate under over high pressure, we wont be responsible for the accident.  


 The advantage of pressure feed spray gun:

  1.No paint cup on the spray gun to reduce the weight and make the      operating easier and get better spraying performance.

 2.Reduce the times to add the paint. make spraying work more efficient.

 3.Easy to spray the work pieces with angular surface. hard to reach surface,improve the pattern while saving the paint.

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