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Products > Spray Gun>Air hopper gun>Air/Pneumatic stucco,cement motar spray hopper gun/plaster for wall S-001
Product name : Air/Pneumatic stucco,cement motar spray hopper gun/plaster for wall S-001
Item : Air hopper gun
Product Details:  Air/Pneumatic stucco,motar spray hopper gun for wall.
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    Product infomations :

Designed for plaster and mortar mixtures (sand and grave) to 5/16" thickness.

( sawdust, chopped paper and small fiber work well too.) - 13.2 Lb. Hopper capacity - 4.7 Lb.

Thrower weight -Operates at 50 psi. -Easy clean - Large wall surface areas can be plastered quickly.

Galvanized tube arm with rubberized grip -Steel hopper with brass fittings - Excellent substitution

for tedious trowel and wrist plastering.

To operate the sprayer you will need at least a 5 hp compressor for a sprayer 7 acfm @ 90 psi.

The larger the tank the better so the compressor can store a bit of air while you are swapping

wheelbarrows of mix. 



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